ColorD3 ® is a powerful tool that supports color database management in production environment.
It is a Windows based software application specifically designed to be the perfect companion for professional color experts.

Color management

  • User friendly graphic interface with realistic on-screen colors. Simulates real color cards and fandecks.
  • Unlimited number of color collections and colors.
  • Colors can be identified by code, note or insertion date/time.
  • Color data available for extensive illuminant and observer selections.
  • Delta calculation available under different standards (CIE76, CIE94, CIEDE2000, CMC etc.).
  • Chip rack simulator for paint store setup.
  • 3D View of all color collections. Immediate comparison of gamut and weak points.
Realistic on-screen colors

Formula management

  • Unlimited number of formula books, product lines, bases, formulas and components.
  • Formulas are handled in any unit (weight, volume and %), size and format.
  • Multiple editing modes to easily create, modify and manipulate formulas.
  • Weighting utility to dose formulas in lab and production environments.
  • Send formulas to popular automatic dispensers.
  • Prints labels with color and formula customisable information.
  • Handles paint and coating pre-filled bases data.
  • Keeps track of dispensed an weighted quantities. Statistical data is available.
  • Batch formula conversion.

Color instruments

  • Interfaces with spectrophotometers, chromameters and RGB color sensors.
  • The main purpose of ColorD3 is to choose the right instrument/sensor for the right job. High end bench top spectrophotometers for accurate matching and QC tasks. Low cost sensors (Spider, Colorcatch, Cube, Nix, MAZeT's boards etc.) for building retail and Web based formula books and look-up databases.
  • The total investment for a complete color data management solution is drastically reduced.
Low cost color instruments and sensors

Color measure

  • Direct control and interaction with the connected color instrument.
  • Adjustable calibration expiration time.
  • Average measures available for all ColorD3 functions.
  • Possibility to store white and black substrate measures for each color.
  • Easy import of color standards and/or data from external files.
  • A powerful color-clipboard allows to store and move color data across files and databases.

QC functions

  • Full QC and color comparison capability.
  • Color strength detection and report.
  • Delta values available under different standards (CIE76, CIE94, CIEDE2000, CMC etc.) and illuminant/observer combinations.
  • Compare color collections (color cards, fandecks, standards) in 3D. Immediately spot gamut differences and weak points.

Useful tools

  • Formula dilution calculator to produce small samples and test batches.
  • Search for closest color in color collections and formula books.
  • Automatically calculates color complements and nice looking color themes.
  • Match and correct formulated colors.
  • Calculates intermediate shades between colors. Multiple shades can be calculated with consistent delta between each color.
  • Locate and list duplicate colors.
  • Complete formulas' components data editor.
Dilute utility

Import and export

  • Import color data or formulas from external files and databases.
  • Import of formulas and entire database from dispenser manufacturers formats.
  • Exports to popular formula book formats, compatible with major dispensing machines' vendors.
  • Data can be easily exported to common text, spreadsheet or database files.
  • Creates code sequences automatically to speed up measuring and editing processes.

High compatibility and portability

  • The software is designed to run on all Windows versions from XP all the way up to the latest Windows 11.
  • Localised Windows versions are supported and it can be easily translated in any language even by the end user.
  • Installer and executable files are small and occupy few MB of disk space. No need to install .NET, Java or heavy software frameworks in order to run it.
  • It's the perfect solution when old computers or industrial hardware are available.