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ColorD3 offers a complete color database solution for your color and formula handling needs. This program is designed for laboratory use and personnel familiar with color handling techniques.

It is a powerful tool that supports color application and quality control activities typically performed in the laboratory and production environment.


In the paint industry ColorD3 is the base program for the generation of files that will be used by formula-book, color reference, and color matching programs. (i.e. MegaFandeck, OpenTINT, CSV, DBF, HTML and XML files).


Special version of ColorD3 are available for specific tinting systems and automatic dispenser manufacturers.



Main features


Runs under all major versions of Windows from XP up to 10.

The color presentation space is specifically designed to simulate real color cards, fandecks and retail color chips.

3D view of color space and color gamut.

Chip rack simulator (paint color display) and editor.

Automatic tracking of duplicate colors.

Automatic search of color complements and harmonic color combinations.

Color delta calculation available in different standards (CIE76, CIE94, CIEDE2000, CMC etc.).

Automatic generation of intermediate colors including recipes.

Enhanced color and formula clipboard.

CIE-L*ab, L*ch, L*uv, XYZ, Yxy, Hunter-Lab, sRGB, CMYK and HTML data conversion.

Compatible with MegaFandeck, OpenTINT, SQL or Web based database servers.




Color management


User friendly graphic interface with realistic on-screen colors.

Color selection by code, name, notes, position or color data.

File export utilities for spreadsheets, printers, databases and more....

Graphic functions to detect chromatic coverage and "holes" in color space.

Fully compatible with all IRO Group products. (MegaFandeck, ColorQ3, OpenTINT family, Web based, tablet etc.).

On-screen color comparison and delta calculation.

Fast search and formulation of competitors' colors and fandecks.

Integrates a fully configurable color matching system.

Interfaces with popular spectrophotometers and chromameters.




Paint formula books


ColorD3 allows complete management of all product formula book information, supporting both gravimetric and volumetric color databases.

As a complement it will handle all colorimetric information on tints and an unlimited database of non-formulated colors.


Unlimited color and formula database.

Handles multiple product lines, manufacturers, fandecks and color families.

Formulas can be handled in any volume or weight unit.

Displays formula running total and individual component's percentage.

Batch formula conversion for individual bases and colorants.

Export files to popular formula book formats.

Import of formulas and entire database from dispenser manufacturers formats.

Compatible with all major automatic dispensing machines.

Label printing of individual formulas.

Option to weight formulas using an electronic scale.

Full log of dispensed an weighted formulas.