License activation

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Each time ColorD3 is installed or transferred to a new computer/driver location it will require the activation of a valid license. Until a valid license is activated all the program's functions are disabled .




Only after completing the license activation procedure the software will be operational:


Step 1 - Depending where you purchased your license, communicate your installation serial number to the supplier. The 8 digit serial number is clearly displayed in the information page (YELLOW numbers on a BLACK background) that appears every time ColorD3 is launched without a valid license.


Step 2 - You will receive a license file associated with your serial number. This file contains all the required information to run the program


Step 3 - From the information page press the "License" button and open the license file. The license file has extension ".CD3_LICENSE" and can be located in any disk or device (USB key, CD etc.) accessible by the computer. As an alternative you can locate the file using Windows explorer and double-click on it. ColorD3 will automatically start and activate the license in a single step.


Step 4 - After the license file has been opened a small window will pop-up to confirm the activation. After activating the license, the program will not ask again for the license file.



If the installed license has an expiration time, every time ColorD3 is launched, it will display information about the expiration date. If the license has no expiration time ColorD3 will start immediately.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Opens a CD3 license file to activate a license.



Quits ColorD3 without activating any license.