File content layout

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Once a files is opened or created by ColorD3, its content is displayed in the central part of the application window.

Colors are organized in pages to simulate real color cards or color fandecks.

A file can contain up to 9999 pages.




To browse the file content a navigation bar and several buttons are located below the colors area. Pressing the navigation buttons or dragging the bar will move the color window to a new file position. Depending on the screen size a number of pages are displayed side by side. Below each page color content, the page number is displayed.



To get more information or edit a color, use the navigation tools to locate the color on the screen and then click on it. A small icon (draw-down) will identify the color as selected and all its data will be posted on the selected color area at the left side of the window.

To select a page, for example to transfer its content to the clipboard, click on the page number in the lower part of the file content lay-out.