Open file structure

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ColorD3 is able to open and export MegaFandeck and OpenTINT files. These files have an open structure and are fully documented. Formulas, colors and product information can be freely added and edited.


All the configuration and database files used by the MegaFandeck and OpenTINT applications are structured as simple text (INI, CSV, DAT, LOG etc.) documents. These files can be opened and edited using common applications like Notepad™ or any available text editor. Even if applications like Writer™ or Word™ can be used for this purpose, they usually insert tags and/or other hidden information that, even if not visible, can contaminate the original file content. For files with “.CSV” extension it's also possible to use spreadsheet applications like Calc™ or Excel™.


The main purpose of this approach is to give free and easy access to configuration and data files. No special software or tools are required to build a complete formula book or color matching system.