Label printer

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This selection provides a list of the available printers.


The list contains references to all the printer drivers installed under Windows.

For this reason, before trying to print through a new device, it must be correctly recognized and installed under Windows. Usually label printers need also to have the correct paper size selected under the printer driver properties.


Keep in mind that any local or network printer can be used. For example a standard ink-jet printer can be selected to obtain letter size "label" printouts or a PDF Driver can be selected to print on files.



To install a printer device in your system follow the manufacturer's instructions. Until the device is not correctly recognized by the O.S. it cannot be used in ColorD3. Once the device is properly installed, its properties (for example the label size and orientation) can be modified accessing: Start > Settings > Printers and then right-clicking on the desired device and selecting "Properties" from the pop-up list.