Components editor

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Components list


This function lists all the registered components and allows to modify the available information.

the information available for each component is the following:



This is the component code/name and should be used in all database recipes. All component must have a different code.


The tinting system or family the component belong.


A description of the component, typically the color or the commercial name.


The type of component (base, colorant, additive etc.).


The pigment index of the component.


Density or specific gravity (mL/g) value.


Cost per unit. It is possible to insert the cost referred to different weight and volume units. When saved the cost is stored by default as cost per Kg.


The color of the component. This data is used to display color swatches every time the component is used in a recipe.


Date when the component has been created.

Last edit

Date of the last saved modification.


An aditional note field where to store additional info like batch numbers, descriptions, technical data etc.


Components are initially sorted by code, right-clicking on a column header allows to sort the list content with different orders.



kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Starts searching for a matching component in the list. Before pressing this button a valid component code must be inserted in the Search entry field.

As an alternative the keyboard key ENTER can be used to simulate this button when a text string has been inserted in the correspondent entry field.


This button opens the component editor window allowing to insert a new code.


This button opens the component editor window allowing to edit the selected component data.


Deletes the selected component. A confirmation message is displayed before finally delete it.


This button quits the function and gives back control to the application.


Components editor


This function allows to edit all the information related to a specific component. Some information are used in other functions of the application to correctly handling the component behaviour. For example the density is used to convert recipes to different units (volume to weight for example). The component color (RGBs) are used to display a color swatch in the formula editor and so for.


This function can be called in 2 different ways: from the components list described above or double-clicking on a components color swatch in both the main window and formula editor.



kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Saves the data into the components file and exits the editing window.


This button quits the editing function without saving any data.The original component's data is retained.