Code sequence

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This function allows to generate a specific code sequence in the active file.


In place of manually inserting large numbers of individual color codes, it's possible to define the starting and ending sequence of a given alphanumeric string. The utility will automatically generate and store the sequence into the active file.


For example is possible to start with code XYZ-000 and add codes up to XYZ-999.

A different sequence can be 1000A to 1000Z.

Combining different entry settings, fixed strings and variable numbers/characters, it's possible to build very complex code sequences.

A possible example will be to generate codes from X 001-A to X 399-E, where the numeric part will increase of 1 unit (from 001 to 399) and for each number 6 tints have different trailing characters (from A to E):

The entry fields will be set as following:




In this case the function will add 2000 new codes to the existing file.

For practical purposes the number of new codes generated is limited to 10,000 (an error warning is visualized if this limit is reached).


In the example above the initial "X" is followed by the "_" (underscore) character. This special entry is used to indicate a "space".


In the example above, the initial set of the numerical part is defined as "001".

It's possible to insert just "1", but the final result will be a code sequence like "X 1-A",  "X 2-A"...  "X 99-A",  "X 100-A"...  "X 399-E".