List duplicate colors

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This function searches the file content for duplicate colors.

It's usual in a given color collection to have individual tints very close to each other. This utility lists all colors, within a maximum Delta-E, that are critically close to each other.

Once this function is selected, the function manager windows appears on the screen to select the Delta-E limit of the function.

All colors within this Delta limit with another color in the file are listed.




Once the search is completed, the resulting report files path and name will be displayed.

The report file in the CSV format can be opened using all the usual office applications (text editors, spreadsheets, word processors, databases etc.).

This is an example of the CSV internal data structure:


CIEDE2000 <= 1.00, 1st Color, Page/Pos., 2nd Color,            Page/Pos.

0.287, "D100 AQUA PURA",      158/1,     "D114 SEED PEARL",    160/1

0.290, "C197 GOLDEN BLONDE",   29/1,     "D18 CAMISOLE SILK",   32/1

0.337, "C366 RIVER RUN BLUE",  53/2,     "C702 NIMBUS BLUE",   101/2

0.359, "D156 PARAFFIN",       166/1,     "D163 GRECIAN IVORY", 167/1

0.365, "C561 IVORY POWDER",    81/1,     "C876 IVORY SAMPLER", 126/1

0.382, "D255 GRAY PENNANT",   180/2,     "D262 STUDIO GRAY",   181/2

0.392, "D179 ESTATE GREIGE",  169/3,     "D186 BAUHAUS BUFF",  170/3

0.410, "C197 GOLDEN BLONDE",   29/1,     "D11 PALE CHAMOIS",    31/1

0.427, "D11 PALE CHAMOIS",     31/1,     "D18 CAMISOLE SILK",   32/1


Report files are saved by default in the "TWIN" folder located in the same directory where ColorD3 is installed. From this location files can be opened or moved to different disk areas.