Tinting strength

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This function allows to compare the tinting strength of 2 similar colors. These colors are commonly referred as "Standard" and "Trial" colors.

By default the second clipboard color (Trial) is compared with the first clipboard color (Standard).

New "Standard" and "Trial" can be inserted at any time performing an instrument measure or clicking on any available clipboard position.

To select as "Trial" one of the colors in the clipboard simply use the mouse to left-click on it. To select as "Standard" one of the colors in the clipboard, use the mouse to right-click on it.


Color differences are visualized in the 3 selected illuminants and observers. These difference are displayed for the original colors and also for the trial after strength adjustment.

Adjusted trial is also added to the color comparison area in the lower-left corner of the color swatches.




From the tinting strength window is possible to select different ways to calculate the strength:



Strength at all visual wavelengths according to the DIN 55986 standard.


Weighted (integrated) strength calculated for the selected illuminant and observer.


Strength is automatically calculated for the best Delta between trial and standard.

Auto nm

Strength is calculated based on the standard's wavelength with the lower reflectance values.

Cie X

Strength is calculated based on the tristimulus X value.

Cie Y

Strength is calculated based on the tristimulus Y value.

Cie Z

Strength is calculated based on the tristimulus Z value.


Strength is calculated based on the selected (400 to 700nm at 10nm steps) wavelength.


kstep1Selectors are available for specific tasks:




Selects the target color (trial or standard) where a new measure will be stored.



If checked the K/S data is visualized. By default the reflectance data is visualized in the graph.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Starts a color measure. This button send the measuring command directly to the selected spectrophotometer. Depending on which target has been selected, color data will be transferred to the "Standard" or "Trial" area.


This button is used to exchange (swap) the "Standard" and "Trial" colors position. Color differences and relative strength can be better evaluated using this feature.


This button quits the tinting strength function and gives back control to the application.