Calculate color match

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This function allows to calculate a formula matching a selected target color.

Once this function is selected, the measure manager windows appears on the screen to select the matching target. It gives access to different options to insert color data or measure a specific color sample.

Once the target color is selected or measured, the application will display a color matching window giving control on several matching characteristics.




Please refer to the "Measure manager" function for target color selection.


ColorD3 can be equipped with different CM engines. Each tinting system usually requires a customization of the matching algorithm. By default the embedded engine is a "fuzzy logic" algorithm generating "on the spot" K/S data after searching for the target closest colors already stored in the active file. The matching parameters described below refer to this default setting.


Matching parameters can be modified before starting the calculation:


Matching base

If formulas requires a pre-filled base/binder, the list allows to select the required one. Best match is selected by default.

Target DeltaE*

This value indicates the matching Delta target. When the target is reached the calculation is automatically terminated.

Round to 1/

Defines the rounding factor applied to the matching results.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Starts the color matching process. A progress bar will indicate the status of calculations. The matching time is heavily influenced by the file content and by the CM engine utilized.


This button aborts the function and gives back control to the application. No match is calculated..