Display builder

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This function allows to build and simulate a real color "chip rack" display.


The purpose is to help defining chromatic nuances and retail combinations without having to generate real printed/coated chips.

The basic structure of the display lies its foundation on the page structure of the active file. Each page is a single entity to be positioned on the display area.

The basic operation of this function is very simple. Any color page (on the bottom part of the window) can be selected and positioned on the display area.

Each time the work is saved, a graphic file is written on the computer disk to be retrieved and manipulated by any popular graphics application. The file, with PNG extension, is stored in the same directory and has the same name of the active file.


PNG (portable network graphics) files are standard graphic archives that can be recognized, imported and manipulated by almost any office or graphic application. They are characterized by a very efficient compression algorithm (less space taken to the hard disk) without any color or definition degradation which is typical of JPEG files.

The same file is reloaded each time this function is recalled for the same active file.

Always make a copy of the PNG file if modification are introduced with external graphic applications. Do not modify the original file as it will be used by ColorD3 during the next "Display builder" session.




Display area


This is the main working area where color pages should be positioned and matched. The empty display resemble to a white grid of 50 (horizontal) by 7 (vertical) cells. To move a color page from the file to this area, simply click on the desired page and drag the cursor to the desired position.

To move a page from one position in the display area to another, simply click on it and drag the cursor to the new position.

To copy a page from one display position to another, right-click on it and drag the cursor where you want to have it copied.

To delete a page, click on an empty cell and drag the cursor to the position you want to delete.



Keep in mind that once a page is positioned on the display area, it is not affected by modifications to the specific page introduced using ColorD3.

The file content part (below the display area) will be refreshed but the colors on the display area will not be modified!


File content


On the bottom part of the function window, the file content is displayed. Colors are organized to occupy the whole page "chip" no matter how many colors are contained in the specific page.

Below the file content a navigation bar is available to explore the whole file. To position a specific page, use the bar to visualize it and then click on it and drag it on the display area.

Each time the "Display builder" function is launched, the file content part of the window is refreshed introducing the last modifications and changes.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Cleans the display area. Allows to freshly start with an empty display.


Saves any change has been introduced during the current "Display builder" session.


This button quits the function and gives back control to the application.