Dilute formula

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This function allows to "dilute" a formula and eventually weight single components that otherwise are difficult to handle by a low precision electronic scale.

In practical terms, components with small quantities, can be pre-diluted with the base/binder (or another high quantity component) at specific ratios. They can then be mixed with the base/binder at higher weighting quantity to reach a better mixing precision.


The functions allows to select for each component 2 fixed ratios (1/9 and 1/99) and a manually editable ratio. This setup give the maximum flexibility in terms of weighting precision.


Once launched the function shows the selected formula (or an empty one if no file or color is selected) in grams. At any time time it is possible to reset the formula and start from zero.




kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



This button resets all the recipe entries. This function by default displays the current formula.


This button opens the weighting function where an electronic scale can be used to weight each component of the recipe. An electronic scale must be selected and properly configured for this option to be enabled.


This button starts printing the details about the diluted recipe. Usually a label printer is used for this purpose, the application automatically adjust the paper size according to the printer and sheet selected.


This button quits the diluting function and gives back control to the application.