Intermediate color

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This function allows to manually select an intermediate color between two given shades.

By default the first and second clipboard colors are initially visualized.

New edge colors can be selected clicking on any available clipboard position.

To select the edge left color left-click the mouse on the desired clipboard position. To select the edge right color right-click the mouse on the desired clipboard position.

Delta values are calculated for each of the original colors. If the 2 original colors share the same base/binder the resulting recipe is also calculated.


Using the sliding tool at the bottom of the window or manually inserting a numerical percentage value makes possible to move the resulting color closer to each one of the edges.




kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Saves the intermediate color in the clipboard for future use.


This button aborts the function and gives back control to the application. No color data is transferred if this button is pressed.