Batch formula conversion

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This function allows to perform a systematic recalculation of all formulas in the file.


The purpose is for example to convert recipes from a 48th of an ounce to a 96th. This a typical situation arising when migrating from manual tinting systems to automatic dispensers.

Another example can be correcting a specific colorant strength after a production adjustment.

Many other examples can be mentioned. The logic of this utility is to allow for global or partial modification of color formulas.




The batch conversion functions gives control on several formula characteristics:



Selects the specific color base/binder to be converted. By default all bases/binders will be processed.


Selects the specific colorant to be converted. By default all colorants will be processed.

Formula X

Multiplier factor. The processed formulas (see above fields) will be multiplied for this value.

Formula /

Divider factor. The processed formulas (see above fields) will be divided by this value.

Round to 1/

Round factor. The converted formulas will be rounded as specified. The default value is 1/1000 of unit.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Starts the formula conversion. A progress bar will indicate the progression of the conversion and finally the number of converted formulas.


This button exits the function and gives back control to the application.