Substrate color data

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This function allows to measure multiple times a color on both a white and a black substrate.

Once the function is selected, the measure manager windows appears on the screen. This window appears if the related button is pressed in the main screen.




Unlimited measures can be performed for both the white and the black substrates. The maximum measure deltas are displayed according to the measuring sequence.


A specific entry field is available to insert the layer thickness in μm.


kstep1Selectors are available for specific tasks:




Allows to select the substrate where the measure is taken. To average fully hiding colors, the white substrate should be selected.


Drop worst

If this checkbox is marked, the worst measure in the sequence will be discarded from the average computation. White and black substrate measures are handled independently. The function is available only if 3 or more measures have been taken for the same substrate.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Blanks all entry data fields. Allows a fresh data insertion.


Starts the measure of the color sample. This button send the measuring command directly to the selected instrument. The color sample must be correctly positioned on the measuring head before pressing this button.


Confirms the displayed color data. This button is available only when valid color data is available in the entry fields


This button aborts the function and gives back control to the application. No color data is transferred if this button is pressed.