Get color data

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It gives access to different options to manually insert color data, take a measure or select an existing color.

A function button is available on the main application window as a shortcut for color measuring. It does not access all the options provided by this function but allows a quick start of an instrument measure. As an alternative, from the main application window, the keyboard key INSERT can be used to simulate this button.





Pick a color from clipboard


Click on any clipboard position to retrieve color data.


kstep1From the measure manager there are 5 different ways to obtain color data:



Click on any clipboard position to retrieve color data.

Manual entry

Color data can be manually entered in the appropriate entry fields. Data is automatically converted and displayed in different color spaces.

A list of different entry modes  is available above the numerical entry fields. Select the desired color space before inserting the related values. This function can also be used to visualize and convert color data between different color spaces.

Keep in mind that this entry method does limit the usage of the color in functions where reflectance data is requested.


Measures a color sample using the selected spectrophotometer or chromameter.

Color file

It is possible to retrieve any color from any compatible ColorD3 file.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Opens a compatible ColorD3 file to retrieve already stored colors and standards.


Starts the spectrophotometric measure of a given color sample. This button send the measuring command directly to the selected instrument. The color sample must be correctly positioned on the measuring head before pressing this button.


Blanks all entry data fields. Allows a fresh data insertion.


A selector is available to flag the measure for the black background substrate when a contrast must be considered. This selection is only available if a previous white substrate measure is already stored in the selected color.


Confirms the displayed color data. This button is available only when valid color data is available in the entry fields


This button aborts the function and gives back control to the application. No color data is transferred if this button is pressed.