Edit recipe

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This function allows to handle all recipe's data. With advanced features it allows a deeper control on the formula data compared with the simple entry fields available in the main editing window.

The function window is divided in 2 main parts: on the left the original recipe (if available) and the editing fields are grouped together; on the right the resulting quantities, percentages and costs are listed.



ColorD3 allows to handle recipes of up to 16 components (1 base/binder + 15 components)


The editor has several different operating modes that can be selected using the radio-buttons at the lower-left corner of the window:


Modify mode


This mode allows to edit the existing formula adding additional components and modifying the involved quantities. It gives complete control on the formula data. On the right side of the window the quantities difference, percentage and costs are clearly listed.


Adjust mode


This mode allows to add or subtract quantities from the original recipe. On the right side of the window the modified total quantities are displayed.


Resize mode


This mode allows to resize the whole recipe changing the content of a single component. It is possible to resize the recipe changing the base/binder quantity but also changing any single component. It becomes easy for example to resize the recipe according to a weighted quantity or based on a pre-filled component.


New recipe


This mode allows to enter a new recipe. No previous data is considered.





Components color swatches


Double-clicking on one of the color swatches of selected components opens the Components editor window and allows to edit the selected component data.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Include base

Tells the dispenser o the electronic scale to also handle the base/binder quantity.


Difference only

If checked the quantities sent to the dispenser or the scale are only the part exceeding the original recipe. This is useful to correct an already made product adding only the missing quantities.


Send the modified recipe to an automatic dispenser. The automatic dispenser must be selected and properly configured for this option to be enabled.


Opens the weighting function (if the electronic scale is available) where the scale is used to weight the recipe quantities. Components quantities are converted to grams. An electronic scale must be selected and properly configured for this option to be enabled.


This button starts printing the details about the recipe. Usually a label printer is used for this purpose, the application automatically adjust the paper size according to the printer and sheet selected.


The modified recipe will be stored in the open file and the editing functions will quit.


This button quits the editing function without saving any modification.