Properties and POS setup

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This function displays file information and allows to configure important parameters used with dispensers and POS applications (MegaFandeck, OpenTINT families of software etc.).

This window is also automatically displayed after a new file has been generated or a compatible file has been opened. It is very important to set the formula parameters correctly before editing the file content.




Several file and formulas configurations are available for editing:



This is the file (product or color collection) name visualized by the POS applications.


File relevant notes and comments can be inserted here.

Formula unit

Selection of the volume/weight unit used for the recipes in the current file. If the unit is in ounces, immediately after the size selector the unit size in mL is displayed.

Ounce (mL)

This is the size of the ounce in cc/ml. if a ounce unit is selected.

Ounce character

This is the ounce separator character (Example: 1Y42 = 1 ounce + 42 shots) sometime used by volumetric, ounce based formula systems. If not used or if  the formula is expressed in grams or milliliters this field can be left blank.

Base unit

Selection of the volume/weight unit used for the bases/binders in the current file.


Base size

This is the default base quantity/size used for the file's formulas. This quantity becomes the file standard for the bases/binders and all recipes should refer to this quantity for further processing and conversion.

Colors x page

maximum number of colors to be displayed for each page.

POS sizes

These fields contain the retail sizes (up to 15 sizes) used for manufacturing or retail distribution. The ratio between the input and the production sizes must be inserted in the correspondent field for a proper formula handling.

POS aliases

Optionally each POS size can have an associated description to help identify the required size.


The properties window title contains the full path and name of the active file. The properties window also contains some general and statistical information about the file content:


File size

Disk space occupied by the active file.


Total number of individual colors records in the file.


Total numbers of records containing a paint/coating recipe.


Total number of records with RGB data.


Total number of records with L*ab data.


Total number of records with reflectance values for the white and the black background substrate.


The file owner. This is usually the creator user name.


Date when the file has been originally created.


Date of the last modification introduced in the file.


List of bases/binders currently used in the file. Each base name is followed by the number of recipes that use the base.


List of colorants/conponents currently used in the file.. Each colorant name is followed by the number of recipes that use the colorant.


kstep1Buttons are available for specific operations:



Saves changed data in the active file and return to the main application screen.


This button quits the properties window and gives back control to the application.




The POS configuration data do not impact in any way the file content. It is designed to "describe" the file content when colors will be converted to POS formats or send to an automatic dispenser.

For example: changing the formula unit does not alter the absolute formula values of each file record. It impacts the way formula data is displayed and processed while sent to a dispenser or visualized in an electronic formula book package.

To change the formulas from a 48th of fluid ounce to a 96th of ounce, after editing the "Formula unit field", all the formula values must be doubled. For this purpose a specific "Batch conversion" tool is available under the "Tool" menu.