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This function selects and opens a valid ColorD3 file.


A file selection window will appear. Once selected, the file content will be displayed in the main working area of the application. Color and formula data will be available for reading and editing.


Only files with the CD3, CD4, SEEK.CSV, BOOK.CSV, CARD.CSV and C31 extensions can be selected.


If a file with extension different from CD3 is opened, a new version of the database is saved using the same name of the original file with the CD3 extension. This procedure preserves the original files and creates a new enhanced copy containing all the new features and fields added in the more recent versions of ColorD3.

After the file is selected the "Properties and POS setup" page is displayed to initially define the basic file parameters.


Open recent


This selection lists the recent opened files. They can be quickly accessed from here.